Awaken Your Inner Gifts
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Learn how to live a mindful life
aligned to the flow of the Universe

Registration opens on 15th May 2019

Do you sometimes feel a sense of emptiness in your life?

As if a glow is missing?

Most of us grow up learning to analyse problems and devise logical solutions. At the same time, we learn to ignore our intuition. To ignore our inner gifts of clairvoyance.

Yet, inner gifts are everyone’s birth endowment, and ignoring your gifts may lead to a sense of emptiness in your life.

Would you like to feel more fulfilled and in tune with your spiritual self?

Inner gifts work like a Wifi network

Inner gifts are available 24/7 throughout our life. You have access to them without any password.

And you can learn how to tap into your intuition and gifts just like you can learn life skills such as riding a bike or learning a language.

This course teaches you how to access your inner gifts so you feel connected to your spiritual self, and you feel aligned to the flow of the Universe.

You’ll experience a renewed sense of inner power.

Yet, inner gifts are everyone’s birth endowment, and ignoring your gifts may lead to a sense of emptiness in your life.

Would you like to feel more fulfilled and in tune with your spiritual self?

My education, profession and personality have always played up my rational and objective characteristics. To explore something new and seemingly mystical and subjective was really something out of my comfort zone.   In the end, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities.  (......)  I am more open to myself and the universe now and that is something very powerful for me as a person and individual.  I have always had a high degree of self-awareness, now I am even more aware and that has helped me to grow personally.   

~ Radha S., Educator

How to use Your Inner Gifts

Your inner gifts are a form of intuition or clairvoyance.

You can apply your intuition at work to choose a new hire, to determine the trustworthiness of business partners or to assess the viability of business deals. Tapping into your intuition helps you make a more informed choice, with ease.

For instance, engaging new staff can be a painful and expensive process. Resumes are curated and interviews may not always show the full potential or personality of a new hire. When you awaken your inner gifts, you can quickly ascertain the credibility and potential of your hire. Without the pain of overanalysing when the Intuitive skills to be are also valuable in seeking solutions to problems. Simple and straight-forward ones.

I had a client who had his Rolex watch stolen from his home. I discovered that the watch was stolen by his daughter’s boyfriend. My client wanted to call the police. But I saw a better solution. The watch was stolen in a moment of folly. If my client were to report to the police, the watch would be gone forever. So, on my suggestion, my client announced to everyone that he’s only concerned about the watch and would be most grateful for its return, and he won’t pursue the matter further. He got the watch back in his letterbox 3 days later.

Heather on her Inner Gifts

Learn to tune into your inner gifts

Through a mix of theory, hands-on activities and meditation practices, this course teaches you how to tune into your inner gifts to solve problems, make decisions and feel connected to your spiritual self.

A) Meditation Practices

Meditation helps you find inner calmness — a prerequisite for tuning into your intuition network. These meditation practices also help you take away intuition blocks, so you can connect to your inner power.

3-step Grounding Process

This technique helps you feel grounded, secured and fully connected to your inner power. You can use it to start your day, or when you are stressed out, such as just before public speaking or even when you negotiate for a higher pay package.

In the beginning, this process will take 10 minutes. As the program progresses, it can be as fast as 3 minutes.

7-step Blank Canvas Reset Guided Meditation

This meditation helps you to clear mental clutter such as worries, chatter, emotions and other energies. This nurtures inner peace, calm and renewed focus.

Embodied Personal Power Meditation

This is a guided meditation that brings you into the core of your being. In that core, you nurture your personal seat of power—your throne to inner strength, clarity and peace. When your personal power blooms, you can expand this power from your inner world into your family, work and larger community.

B) Hands-on Activities

Theories are limited in their value if you don’t get a direct experience of the skills and application in real life. So, the workshops focus on experiential knowledge. The balance is roughly 80% experiential knowledge, 20% theory. 

Specific Technique and Formulas

This is a full immersion program into harnessing your inner gifts and using divination tool – tarot cards.  You spend half the program to develop and expand your inner gifts. The other half of the program of the program focusses on tarot cards. You’ll learn to combine your inner gifts with tarot reading to read like a semi-pro.

Each week you learn specific techniques and “formulas” for boost your intuitive skills. Guided hands-on exercises and practical examples explain each technique in detail. You practice with dedicated assignments, and share your assignments in the workshop for personal feedback.

The assignments are intuition-focused — you hone different intuitive skills.

You learn how intuition and oracles work, use and trust the skills that you are most comfortable with. Plus you get professional feedback to fine-tune your abilities and increase confidence.

I’m pleasantly surprised there is plenty of hands-on classwork every 3-hour class. At first, it seemed like a lot of work but time passes so quickly when I’m enjoying all these practices. Best of all, I remember them well after the class is over, instead of being given sheets or notes to bring home.

~ Po, Yoga Instructor

C) Theory

How do you interpret what your intuition tells you?

Having these skills to see, sense and know is only half of the deal. The other half lies in interpreting them.

So, the theory section of the course helps you decipher symbols, and to gain a visual and sense vocabulary. This helps you feel empowered to follow your intuition and take the right action.

Visual vocabulary

You will learn visual vocabulary through picture cards and colours to understand visions from clairvoyant experiences. You learn how to decipher them in terms of perception, time and emotions. You learn to explore and expand your visions to get accurate answers and solutions to life situations. More importantly, you learn to how to accurately decipher your own visions confidently.

Sense vocabulary

You will also learn sense vocabulary to understand sensations from clairsentient experiences. What does it mean to feel prickly on your palms? Does it matter whether the sensation is on the left or right palm? You will get to learn how to clear these prickly sensations energetically easily in 2 minutes.

By using my clairvoyant skill and visual vocabulary, I sought a solution to a badly-constipated 2 year-old boy who had been suffering for many months. He was advised to undergo a colonoscopy after consulting 3 different paediatricians. By using my skills, the vision revealed that the boy was running around a small table in a living room. My client was living in Hong Kong at that time. So, the image represented that the small space that the boy was living in and the lack of outdoor activities could have caused the constipation. The next vision was an image of the boy playing at the playground. This second vision was the solution. So longer and more frequent play time was recommended. The mother subsequently signed him up for Soccer classes. A month later, the constipation was gone. For good! No more colonoscopy. And the mother was spared a few worry lines.

Heather's personal experience

Get into Real Practice

Facebook Challenge

You do an online challenge to use your clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant skills for online strangers. This is a simple, behind-the-screen exercise. Your name will not be revealed. This is a confidence booster to explore beyond the classroom.

Open House

This is a private event for invited guests. You bring 2 guests for your other course mates to try their skills on. This a bonus segment of the program and participation is optional. It is a friendly setting with afternoon tea, light snacks and gifts. I will be around to assure you and assist you in your game. So unfurl your innate power.

About your Tutor

Heather Ho

Heather Ho is a psychic coach on a mission to stamp out old beliefs and spiritual gobbledygook. Having worked as an educator for 10 years, she does not believe in transferring information. She imparts hands-on experiential knowledge. And customised creative learning styles in her programs. Her forte is in sizing up students’ learning, diagnosing weaknesses and providing feedforward for more growth and expansion.

Heather is your personal tutor during the whole program. She provides you with personal feedback on your assignments, and she answers all your questions.


Program Schedule

The schedule consists of 3 Lesson parts: Inner Gifts, Tarot and Bonus 

  • Choose either option 1 or 2 for Inner Gifts Lessons. 
  • Tarot Lesson starts on 24 August for all participants
  • Bonus Lessons are fun and optional.


This is an intensive program. Packing 50 hours of learning and practices. Getting you to be a confident of your gifts and using tarot with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you miss a lesson?

If you miss one class, we can arrange a 1-1 private lesson to catch up before the program ends on 5th October. This private lesson is one hour.

What is the class size? How does your lessons work?

We work in a small group of 8 people for Inner Gift lessons and 16 people for Tarot lessons.

Get personal feedback on weekly assignments to accelerate your learning and improve your skills. Whether you are a complete novice, a budding explorer or an experienced user of your inner gifts, the course helps you expand on your gifts and apply them in your life.

Dedicated on-going support

Over the 13-week program, you also have access to dedicated email support. If there is anything that you didn’t manage to ask during in-course hours, you can grab hold of me to help explain and further develop your spiritual experiences.

Is there any prerequisite?

There is NO pre-requisite for this course. All you need is an open mind and heart to allow yourself to receive the lessons. And participate in joyful learning.

Registration opens on 15th May;

only 16 seats are available

What participants say

Best of all, I remember the lessons well after the class is over, instead of being given notes to bring home.
Yoga Instructor
Combining both intuition and tarot is what makes this class unique.
Radha S.
My retention and application rate now is so much better and I feel more confident connecting with the cards.
Charles Lee
IT Engineer

Who this course is for

This course is for the uninitiated, beginners, and enthusiasts— for anyone who wants to hone their intuitive skills.

Whether you’re a designer, teacher, business consultant, or whether you are energy healer, sound healer or yogi, this program helps you tune into your intuition. So, you can align your opportunities, grow business and improve your life.

You’ll get the most out of this program if you’ve an open mind and are ready to dive into your intuitive channels. Everyone has an intuitive channel. You, too.

If you ever find yourself questioning signposts …

If you want to learn more about your intuition …

If you wonder how to connect to yourself more deeply …

… I will help you find your signposts, trust your intuition, and show different ways to connect to yourself.

Don't miss the registration!

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