Psychic-Tarot Coaching Program

Learn How to Combine Intuition & Tarot Cards ​

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In this coaching program, you learn how to use your intuition and read tarot cards:

  • This is an intensive program.
  • Get personal feedback on weekly assignments to accelerate your learning and improve your skills
  • Registration for this course is open; only 8 seats are available
  • The course starts on Sunday 24 February 2019 and finishes on Sunday 26 May 2019. 

This Coaching Program helps you

✔  centre and ground your energy properly at the snap of your fingers

✔  avoid wishy-washy thoughts that undermine trusting your guts

✔  overcome intuition’s block by following handy tips and a proven process 

✔  become a confident tarot reader, happy with your channeling (and your delivery!)

What participants say

Best of all, I remember the lessons well after the class is over, instead of being given notes to bring home.
Yoga Instructor
Combining both intuition and tarot is what makes this class unique.
Radha S.
My retention and application rate now is so much better and I feel more confident connecting with the cards.
Charles Lee
IT Engineer

How the coaching program works

The program is a full 13-week immersion into psychic abilities and tarot reading skills. You spend 5 weeks on developing and expanding your psychic abilities, 6 weeks of tarot development and 2 weeks on direct experiences.  You learn to combine psychic skills with tarot reading to read like a pro. 

Each week you learn specific psychic-tarot techniques and “formulas” for boost your intuitive skills. Guided hands-on exercises and practical examples explain each technique in detail. You practice with dedicated assignments, and share your assignments in the workshop for personal feedback. 

The assignments are intuition-focused — you hone different intuitive skills.

You learn how intuition and oracles work, use and trust the skills that you are most comfortable with. Plus you get professional feedback to fine-tune your abilities and increase confidence.

My education, profession and personality have always played up my rational and objective characteristics. To explore something new and seemingly mystical and subjective was really something out of my comfort zone.   In the end, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities.  (......)  I am more open to myself and the universe now and that is something very powerful for me as a person and individual.  I have always had a high degree of self-awareness, now I am even more aware and that has helped me to grow personally.   

~ Radha S., Educator

Be the FIRST to hear about my next course!

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