Happy Home Hunting: The Science of Numbers and the Art of Your Guts

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My friend Alicia told me about her twitching left eye. She was about to confirm the deal on a new house.

Yet, the twitching eye disturbed her. Alicia was feeling unsure and uncomfortable.

Buying a house isn’t straightforward. Right?

Sometimes, in our hunt for a happy home, it feels like we’re just running on the treadmill, not really getting anywhere near our dream home.

I’ve been there, we all have.

So, what should you do? How do you become a happy home-hunter?

Home Identity Crisis

Our home is the place where we recharge and nourish ourselves.

What defines the identity of your home?

Its address.

A home address is a like a person’s name and birth date. It gives the home an identity and a personality. The energy of the home is first acquired from the home number. Each number has its own energy and vibes. A story and a potential to become what is possible. They outline and define what your home can be.


Let’s take home number 3. 

This home brings fun, entertainment and hosting as the main themes. This home is suitable for those who are working in the creative field or enjoy doing creative work at home. They could also love to host frequent parties. This number is definitely not suitable for those who love solitude and quiet times. 

How do you calculate home number

In numerology, the vibration or energy of home number is calculated as a summation of all digits in the home number or unit number for those living in apartments. 

Let’s use a random apartment number for our example: #19-11. 

To calculate the home number

Step 1: Add up all the digits in the unit number 

1+9+1+1 = 12

Step 2: If you get a double digit, add up both digits

1+2 = 3

And, we get home number 3

Here is a list of themes for the different home numbers:

  1. New beginnings, self-focused
  2. Balance, co-operation, relationship-focused
  3. Fun, creativity, entertainment
  4. Stability, grounding, diligent
  5. Adventure, change, dynamic
  6. Nurturing, patience, family-focused
  7. Contemplative, reflective, peaceful
  8. Abundance, infinity, busy-ness
  9. Community-focused, social service

The home number is the first checkpoint and a major gatekeeper for your home hunting. It gives you a heads-up on the home vibes you are considering.  

Do you have a vision for your next home? 

A home for joy and fun. Or one of calm and harmony. When you envision your next home, it creates a seed of intention. You get a clearer picture of what you want. And the home number becomes the intention anchor. And home hunting becomes a joyful breeze.

So, do your planning. Weed out non-matching homes, and cross out unaligned vibes. 

Which home would you choose?

Lucky Home Number

Your next question is probably, is there a favourable number you can choose from?

Yes! All of us have a favourable number. The number for a lucky start. Smooth life alignment. And perhaps a lucky break?

With lucky numbers, you filter out unsuitable choices. No more aimlessly scrolling through property webpages. You sieve for gems. And circle out homes of shining potential.

So what’s your lucky number?

  1. The day of your birth 
  2. The summation of your date of birth. (i.e. add up all the digits in your date of birth)

How do you calculate the summation of date of birth?

This summation is also known as your life path number. Your  life path number will never change. 

Let’s use a random date of birth as our example: 15 February 1986

To calculate the life path number

Step 1: Add up all the digits in the date of birth

1+5 + 2 + 1+9+8+6 = 32

Step 2: If you get a double digit, add up both digits

3+2 = 5

And, we get life path number 5.

So based on the above example, you could either have a home number 15 or 6 (based on your date of birth) or home number 5 (based on your life path).

Choosing a favourable number wins a huge part of the happy home formula. And home hunting is less of a sweat. It gets a lot simpler when your lucky number is aligned to your home vision. What if your lucky number is not the same as your choice of home. Fret not. Keep both the lucky home number and choice home number your hunting list.

Your guts will refine your choice. 

What Your Guts Tell You

When you shop for a house, you carry your magnifying glass. Scrutinise the amenities, assess accessibility and plot value appreciation potential. But, your home is more than just value. It is how the home feels for you and works in alignment with your energy and personality.

How do you know whether the house is in alignment? How does it match you? We have a natural smart intelligence: Our sixth sense. Our intuition. Our inner compass.  It tells you whether a house is suitable for you.You have that gut feel when you enter a house. When you read the address. Getting goose bumps or even euphoria while making your way there? Yay!

Your guts speak to you.

Based on that inner compass, you form an impression. You know from that liking or non-liking, you have already reached another checkpoint. Is that house your chosen sanctuary?

Imagine if you were to live in a house you did not feel good at first. You had that funny uneasy feeling. Yet, you insisted on buying. Or, you had tell-tales signs not to buy it. But, you signed on that dotted line. Oh, those feelings of unease and discomfort when you live in there. It can be frustrating to say ‘if I had known’.

So, trust your guts when you go home hunting. It is one of the winning checkpoints in buying a house that matches you.

Don't Fight Your Gut

Remember my friend Alicia and her twitching eye?

My advice to her?

Slow down. Make no commitments at all.

Alicia tried to fight against it. She had already sold her existing property. And a tight deadline to buy a new one. 

She was desperate. Period.

But I stood my ground. She must take a step back in buying.

What did she do?

Two weeks later, Alicia bought a better house. A bigger house with a better price. And she sent me a thank you text, bursting with heart-felt gratitude and joy.

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