About The Violet Oracle

Would you like to become a more confident decision maker?

Do you sometimes struggle to trust your intuition to make a more confident decision? And you have wished that you could be more decisive with intuition? And bloom with the decisions you have made.

You’re not alone. 

Trusting your intuition is probably one of the most precious skills anyone in life can possess.

But at school or in life, we’ve only learned skills of commerce, business, sports etc. We’ve not learned the art of intuition. We’ve not learned how to listen to our intuition, and we have not learned how to make decision based on it. 

And that’s exactly what The Violet Oracle aims to do.

The Violet Oracle offers tips on intuition, oracle tips and courses to support both beginners and experienced decision makers. Knowing your intuition is more than gut feelings. It can be learnt.

Yes, you heard it right. Intuition can be learnt.

Intuition is a natural ability that can be taught how to harness. And we get more confident easily with greater use. 

And right here, you learn how to:

  • Make decisions without being torn
  • Inspire your community with your confidence in life directions and grow your influence
  • Nurture the right habits, overcome intuitive blocks, and be in the flow of life
  • Find your strength and live each day in alignment 

How it started

It wasn’t a beautiful fairytale beginning. Starting this business was a struggle. 

And it all began with a leisure travel to Nepal in 2003. That trip gave me insights into intuition that I started my life journey in intuition. For the next couple of years, I dived into the science of intuition and metaphysics. I love how it aligned my life and I even daydreamed of having an intuition job. 

When I left my teaching career in 2011, it was out of necessity. To care for my family and to seek something more. However, choosing a new work was difficult. Choosing my passion was even tougher. To me, I was choosing between a ‘normal job’ and a ‘weird job’. A normal job is what you would find in advertisements and recruitment websites. A weird job is born out of passion. And to pursue a career carved out intuition was non-mainstream. Fear made me choose the normal job. But love made me quit after 3 months. I came to embrace my love for intuition and my own uniqueness. And so I started the weird job of promoting intuition and training people to embrace their inner gifts.

About Heather

I’m a clairvoyant and coaches intuition. She is on a mission to stamp out old beliefs and spiritual gobbledygook. 


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