4 Dazzling Jewellery Tips to Grow your Influence at Work and Boost your Personal Power

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Esther sighs and sinks deeper into her chair.

She has been working hard to meet pressing deadlines, fending off competitive colleagues and accommodating her bosses. In that same breath, she has to make difficult decisions on multi-million dollar deals.

She feels stressed and exhausted.

Work is tough and managing human relations is challenging. We have all felt that.
But we do not have to walk alone.

Have you heard how little precious jewels can support your journey? They boost your energy and bring magic to your work.

Shall I show how the magic works?

Precious to Precision

You dress for work.
You dress for success.
We have all been there and done there.

But is a little something missing? Something else that could add a whole lot of oomph to your persona. Is a little extra oomph required?

A little jazz. And a dazzle to polish you to your fullest shine. Ready to take on the world.

You may have heard about the influence of crystals. But, have you explored the power of precious gemstones?

History and kingdom loved diamonds, rubies, sapphires and more. They gave a sense of power to those who owned them. Today, they still do.

How can they work for you? They have the power to ease your way to success. Wear the right gem in the right place. And get a flawless shine.

Slice Through the Fog

A friend of mine, Irene, once confided that she faced massive responsibilities. She had to make difficult decisions on her company’s investment and future plans. Tension was running high, and she needed courage and clarity to create the best outcome.

To guide Irene through that period, I suggested a pair of diamond earrings.

Why diamonds?

With the brilliance, diamonds shine even under the slightest light. This gave Irene great mental clarity. She cut through the darkest confusion and conflicting options.

Why earrings?

Well, earrings are the closest to the brain and that is where we process our thoughts. A pair of diamond earrings fosters clarity at the right place.

So, how about men?

They could wear a diamond ring. Even though it is not an ideal spot, it is still acceptable. So I encourage men to wear a wedding band with a diamond.

And Irene?

True enough, she was able to gain more clarity. And, the bonus was, she came up with more robust solutions for her company.

Are you facing tough decisions at work, too?
Wear a diamond to add clarity to your decisions.

Power Your Passion

Working on a pet project out of the ordinary? You are excited. Full of enthusiasm. And burning with passion.


Sometimes, you face devils of all sorts. Toxic naysayers. Hurtful criticisms. Damaging self-sabotage.

Being the champion of fresh frontiers can be gruelling. At other times, disappointing. Or worse, draining. Do you mull long and hard over an idea?

Breathe life into your idea. Take action!

Put on a bangle with a ruby. Get your whole team to do the same. Bracelets and cuff make the cut, too, with a brilliant ruby to blaze through the passion fight. Your arm is where you put your passion and energy out into the world. You use your arms to point, to wave, to animate and motivate others to your cause.

Ruby is the perfect fuel for your passion. It feeds your fire. It develops your stamina. Ruby is unwavering, faithful and tireless.

Do you want to fire up your whole team? To keep all motivated on a common goal.

Wait no more. 

Get rubies to align the whole team for everyone. And emerge as winners, no matter how scary your work is.

Connect Where it Matters

Connections at work bring us into grapevines and make the unknown less daunting. Life at work flourishes and delegation of jobs is a lot less painful.

But you have difficulty connecting to colleagues. Does nothing seem to click? Some of us face this frustration too.

So, how do these connections come about? 

Or how can we connect easier?

The jewel of connections is meeting heart to heart. Keep communication open, truthful and sincere. This paves an inroad into the grapevine and cultivates your influence.

When connections seem fuzzy or weak, wear an emerald or pearl pendant. These are gentle jewels. When worn over the heart, they softens your energy. It ties connections closer and makes them warmer.

Create a New Flow

Creativity in flow is pure bliss. Seamless. Ceaseless.

You have tasted it before. How do you achieve again? 

Our brain and hands are co-creators of ideas. Working together from seeds to fruits, they are part of the grand scheme. They bring ideas alive. But, at times we get stuck. The flow dies. Sterile. Barren.

Is there a way out?                 

Marry both the brain and the hands to create a flow. From point of creation at the brain to the point of manifestation with our hands.

Blue sapphire ignites the spark in you. Ideas glide to you and through you. A voluminous stream of ideas. Constant. Steadfast.

Want more inspiration? Wear a blue sapphire ring.

To Outlast and Outshine

Having these jewels is a valuable start to widen your influence. But the secret to boosting your personal power does not lie in only having them. How you dedicate your attention matters.

So, enjoy your jewels. Smile at them. Clean them. Connect with them. And love them like your babies. These acts of love for your treasures make them sparkle, and you become YOUR outstanding star.

Shine, my star.

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